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Japanese Import Version. Before you purchase they item, please check if the Japanese version can be operated. The operation manual is written in Japanese, and the original case, manual and software are included. Super NES, NES, game boy etc don't come with box & manual. In second hand, We are unable to guarantee the availability of special accessories and bonus items, Online codes, including OBIs, photocards, posters and a box for CD/DVD set, for pre-owned products.
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release data2013-12-05
size17.0 x 13.42 x 1.4 cm
weight0.12 kg
PlatformPlayStation 3
HardwarePlatformPlayStation 3

[State] is a feeling of use, a crack, less good hand goods. [Buy] case, instruction manual software included. [Operation check] no problem. We try to dispatch in three days - the final order after two days. By any chance, so please contact us we will return and refund if there are deficiencies, and the like. I think that you satisfaction. Warmest Regards,
huge hit all over the world! Finally landing in Japan is The Walking Dead!

this work is the ADV game that view of the world was on the base of The Walking Dead of the big hit in the world.
in the world that is being dominated by the zombie called Walker, you can experience the drama of to survive along with the fellow. Camera work such as
movie, such as a human drama surrounding the hero, so far the adventure game in dramatic in
serious there is no depth is, invites players to the world of The Walking Dead.

original is a popular graphic novel series, after the broadcast start even TV drama version, it was quickly gained popularity.
the same this work, which is deployed in view of the world The Walking Dead is also, won the Game of the Year in
90 or more of the overseas game media.
not only further game media, enough to be praised from
media such as The New York Times and New York Post, it has become a high-story work.

story is a change in the selection of the intuitive to enjoy adventure and player! while

this work moves on the screen in a Lee's hero, or examine the place that was worrisome, proceed in a conversation with
characters Adventure It is a game.
graphics and tasteful graphics, such as Novell, production, such as the movie has become a distinctive adventure, you can immerse yourself in a story in
intuitive operation.
further in various s

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