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Japanese Import Version. Before you purchase they item, please check if the Japanese version can be operated. The operation manual is written in Japanese, and the original case, manual and software are included. Super NES, NES, game boy etc don't come with box & manual. In second hand, We are unable to guarantee the availability of special accessories and bonus items, Online codes, including OBIs, photocards, posters and a box for CD/DVD set, for pre-owned products.
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release data2012-02-23
size17.0 x 13.59 x 1.4 cm
weight0.13 kg
PlatformPlayStation 3

just Yarisugi (OVERKILL), the history of the most evil gun shooting ban.
non-stop horror gun shooting The House of The Dead: OVERKILL Director's Cut

arcade game in the popularity of the House of the Dead series home for the latest work is finally here!
2009 years launch of WiiR The House of The Dead: OVERKILL to the base, power up significantly add recording a new element!

* * * exciting gun shooting than ever * * *

herd of zombies approaching in a mad dash! Pieces of meat scattered along with the roar of the shotgun! And exhilaration that
go down one after another appear zombies, thrilling character trappings of the story!
Now his correspondence to PlayStationR Move. The video is subjected to a full-length full-HD reduction, game play can also be made using the 3D stereoscopic. Please enjoy the thrill full of more realism.

* * * power up the PlayStationR 3 edition * * *

the emergence of new characters, candy , completely new stage strip theater , additional meat factory .
In addition, zombies and weapons of new appearance, of course, additional scenarios, such as the response to the first series of the online rankings, significant volume up!

* * * * B-grade horror condensed tightly the charm of the movie * * * head of

zombie is blown off in an instant, of course,
degree too such as the absurdity and eroticism, in terms of regulatory limits barely, in the B-grade horror fan in th

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