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release data2011-12-15
size30.41 x 21.59 x 5.21 cm
weight1.03 kg
PlatformPlayStation 3

Umineko scattered ~ truth and Nocturne - of illusion (Limited Edition)

07th Expansion · Ryukishi07 Mr. send serial murder fantasy novel Umineko is finally complete. Again and again at the mansion of
island also continuous bizarre murder, the Witch and the Wardrobe fantastic to be repeated.
However Defeat unexpected flowers as there is no, witch illusion also fall without fail eventually.
overlook if mystery. Fantasy If Kusse.
or you can be lead to the truth breaks the witch illusion ....
* This work is the sequel of PS3 Umineko ~ Rondo ~ Witch and reasoning. Before you play the
this work it is recommended that you play up to episode 1 to 4 on the PS3 version and PSP version

progress of the game
original This novel game to progress in a way that promote reading in order the same four episodes.
game in the choices is almost no, you can follow the story carefully at their own pace.
deciphering the story, whether it is possible to reach the truth of the incident, it's up to you !!

Episode5 ~ recorded up to 8
previous work without the black-tailed gull ~ Rondo ~ witch and reasoning has recorded the Episode5 ~ 8 which is a continuation of the (Episode1 ~ 4) around.

Episode5 End of the golden witch
Episode6 Dawn of the golden witch
Episode7 Requiem of the golden witch
Episode8 Twilight of the golden witch

voice full voice
voice of course full voice! ! Popular voice actor you are aligned as well this time.
In addition, a new character that appears from this work is marked with a first voice in this work.

full HD (1920 x 1080) to fully compatible graphics
newly of 10 or more characters in this work appeared.
what character there is a surprising number of the movement

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